Worldwide Paddling Workshops by INTERNATIONAL Surfski Champ, Sean Rice


Workshops and Lessons


PaddleLife gives you the opportunity to achieve your best by learning from the best! All workshops are designed and delivered by Sean Rice in a relaxed group environment.

No matter what experience you have, PaddleLife workshops are a perfect opportunity to practice and improve your paddling skills. Sean will give each person individual advice on equipment set up, stroke technique and other fundamental skills of ocean paddling. PaddleLife is on a mission to spread the Surfski lifestyle around the world. 

Join either a beginner or an advanced group in a city near you and join the PaddleLife!


Workshop Levels

There's Something for Everyone



  • Intro to the healthy lifestyle
  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Boats, paddles & accessories
  • Stroke technique
  • Remounting your ski
  • Stability drills and techniques
  • Run riding and surf skills - the basics
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions of Surfski paddling
  • Safety on the water
  • Training tips and information


  • Optimising your equipment setup
  • Advanced paddle stroke technique
  • Advanced run riding and surf skills
  • Stability drills and techniques
  • Training tips and information
  • Racing techniques and skills
  • Nutrition (on and off the water)
  • Pre- and post-race preparation
  • Safety on the water


For the ultimate personalised coaching experience, Sean Rice offers private lessons on request only.



I really enjoyed the workshop, I came away with a clear understanding of the paddle technique I need to work on and learnt a few new things.
— Gary Davie, Currumbin
Very nice couple and he can paddle; and a great teacher!
— Tex Turner, Launceston
In retrospect doing the group session and then the one-on-one session a few days later worked brilliantly. I’ve already noticed an improvement against my normal paddling buddies
— Peter Pavilinovich, Perth
One minute into the session I realized that: 1) Sean is a truly nice guy, 2) He loves his sport and 3) He loves to teach. All in all, an amazing experience, a real privilege to learn from the very best in the sport, and a great push to my surfski abilities and motivation! Thank You.
— Juan Jose Garcia Seijo, Spain

World Tour 2016



Auckland, New Zealand 28th February

Wellington, New Zealand 6th March

Nelson, New Zealand 5th March

Hobart, Australia 28th-30th October

Sydney, Australia 23rd October

Newcastle, Australia 22nd October

Ulladulla, Australia 4th-6th November

Perth, Australia 16th - 17th November


Alicante, Spain 27th - 30th April

Colwyn Bay, UK 3rd - 5th June

Dorset, UK 10th - 11th June

Edinburgh, UK 23rd - 26th June

Porto, Portugal 28th June - 11th July

Lake of Gruyere, Switzerland 27th - 28th August

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1st October

Grand Canary Islands, Spain 11th - 14th August


North America

Madison, WI 10th - 14th March

Key West, FL 15th -18th March

Fort Lauderdale, FL 19th -21st March

Tampa, FL 22nd - 31st March

Naples, FL 1st - 4th April

Clearwater, FL 5th - 11th April

Chattanooga, TN 11th - 13th April

Tybee Island, GA 14th - 17th April

Jacksonville, FL 18th - 21st April

New York, NY 21st -25th April

Oahu, HI 8th - 29th May

Bellingham, WA 30th May

Hood River, OR 19th - 23rd July

Vancouver, BC 11th -17th July

Traverse City, MI 30th - 31st July

Newport, RI - 4th - 7th August



Hong Kong, Hong Kong 7th - 11th October/8th - 14th November

Singapore, Singapore 15th - 16th October

Shanghai, China - TBC

Busan, South Korea - TBC

Amami, Japan - TBC


Middle East/Africa

Michmoret, Israel 1st - 7th May

East London, South Africa 7th - 10th December

Cape Town, South Africa 16th - 19th December


World Tour Calendar



Think Kayak is a global, leading surfski and paddle gear manufacturer based in Vancouver, Canada. Think Kayak and Sean Rice have had a long and successful relationship. Since 2009, Think Kayak has provided Sean with the best equipment for racing at the highest level all around the world. We are now very pleased to have Think Kayak alongside PaddleLife. We are positive this new partnership will be extremely valuable to both Think Kayak and PaddleLife. 

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PaddleLife is delighted to announce Vaikobi as a supporter. Designed specifically for Performance Paddling, Vaikobiʼs PaddleSport and OceanActive range has been developed by some of the worlds best paddlers. With the support of Vaikobi, the PaddleLife team are sure to be comfortable and stylish in every climate. 

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As of July 2015, we are excited to have the support of Motionize™. Through powerful technology, Motionize™ gives paddlers a world class personal coach that goes with them every time they head out onto the water. Like most sports, paddling is all about technique. At PaddleLife, we agree with the theme of Motionize - that accurate motions lead to good performance. Motionize’s advanced algorithm provides Real Time feedback to train healthier, increase motivation and make paddling accessible & enjoyable.

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